“Neighbor’s daughter fully healed! Rejoicing in God’s goodness.”

February, 2011   News of God’s liberating power 

A neighbor’s daughter has been in a mental hospital because they couldn’t balance her medicines and she was refusing to take any. She was reaching out, and I have been praying for her. I haven’t been able to see her because of her other illnesses, though I am in touch with her family. But nothing can stop prayer! God has been doing wondrous things, even though mortal mind, like Pharaoh, just doesn’t want to let people go. 

l)  She hasn’t had any meds for her so-called mental illness for several weeks, and she is clear with no recurring symptoms. She’s also been beautifully free of any so-called withdrawal symptoms from years of meds.

2) She had one so-called relapse. The doctors believed it was a fever from pneumonia, so they moved her from the psychiatric wing to intensive care. Antibiotics didn’t work, so they stopped those. And she recovered from pneumonia.

3) Then she got a kidney infection, which again medicine couldn’t help, so they discontinued all medicine. Now she is recovering from that. 

All the time, her parents are saying it’s a miracle, while also waiting for the symptoms to return, as are the nurses. But the symptoms aren’t returning, and she is gaining more and more freedom from the many beliefs of mental illness that have been wrongly attached to her over the years.

The weeks while the medical team dealt with the so-called physical illnesses have given her a refuge from their fears of relapse as she continues to work this out. She continues to pray and face things. God sends his angel messages to her each day to lead her to freedom and to help her hear His voice and to uncover family fears and patterns as well. 

Not the end of the story yet, but I know Love’s liberation will continue until she is totally free and in her right place and God is given the glory. God’s all-pervasive liberating power hasn’t depended on words or physical presence at all. Love is simply answering her deepest desire to be free and whole. With God all things are possible!


April, 2011   Neighbor’s daughter fully healed! Rejoicing in God’s goodness.

Neighbor’s daughter now out of hospital for several days, and all is well. She is 50 pounds lighter and healed of diabetes, too, along with mental illness and all the constraints. She is free of all medicines and the diagnoses that have weighed her down. She is now moving forwardeager to explore and use her many talents with a lightness, a radiance of feeling free and closer to God. 

Her family still considers it a miracle; Science shows it is much grander. Mother and daughter are striving to understand more of what happened, acknowledging God, but not yet Christian Science. Step by step, God is leading them and all upward and out of the wilderness. What can not God do!