A great, great day as ice-cream-eating children of God!

After Association on the way home my wife got a call from a track coach at my 15 year old’s school. We knew that he was supposed to run in a big track meet that day, but this kind of special call in past usually meant something was wrong, so we were concerned. It turned out he had been throwing around some kind of hard ball with his friends while waiting for their specific event, and the ball had hit him squarely in the eye. His eye was bleeding, and there had been much swelling.

The coach took him to the emergency room of the town hospital, and he had been there for some time. My wife spoke with the attending doctor who was not concerned so much for his vision, but was concerned about the substantial swelling and bleeding of the eyeball. My son was not able to close the eye because of the swelling. The doctor felt the eye should be rested and would take several weeks to recover — no treatment was recommended other than rest and time.

His coaches later brought him to the infirmary at his boarding school where he would spend the night. He called us several times during the night as he seemed to be in much pain and was very concerned about being able to study for finals and partake in his many end-of-school-year activities. I told my wife who is not a Christian Scientist that I would work in Science at this point, which was a belated declaration of what I already had done. I knew from the moment I heard of this accident that this boy was in no way separate from the joy and Love and healing power we all felt at the Association meeting. I knew he was included in the circle of Good and in the balance we clearly felt on the side of God. This was easy and natural, and I knew he would respond to this.

The next day my wife, my young daughter, and I went to see him, as he had asked us to do this the night before. We were going to bring him something to eat. We expected to meet him in the infirmary, but he told us he would meet us at his dorm instead. As usual, he was 30 minutes in coming to the car, but all this was a very good sign that all was well. When he did finally arrive, he asked where we were going to eat! I asked about his eye and he said, “Well …ya, Dad everyone was all amazed this morning and stuff that it’s so much better— like you can’t believe it’s the same eyeball.  You should have seen it!” The eye was obviously nearly completely healed, with only the tiniest red dot on it, which faded by the end of our visit. That afternoon he shared a massive banana split with his seven-year-old sister and we had a great, great day as ice-cream-eating children of God.