Here is the addition or follow-up to the second item under post-assoc fruitage – opening the door to incoming practice work

Just a follow-up on the woman in the fruitage, which you recently posted.  She is doing GREAT!   She is driving the sisters around town who claimed her feeble; once again serving as an usher at church; and truly claiming the joy of life realized of God!

The “clouds of sense” truly have rolled back to show a form so divinely fair!  What a sight to behold. 

Her sisters (one who is a Scientist but doesn’t attend church) and another who is not, have even asked for help!   The one had a home to sell that had not had one nibble in two years.  Working from an expanded sense of home…a call came full of joy stating that an offer had been made which they were going to accept!  Credit by both sisters has been given to Science for these demonstrations.  How good is our God?!!

“I originally thought maybe I shouldn’t take the case”

I got a new email in the middle of the night from a person who had a problem with an infected growth on her gums. She was worried that she might have to go to the ER, but she wanted to know first, would I treat her?

I originally thought, maybe I shouldn’t take the case. I still have a two-year old to tend to three or four days a week and my business to run…

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In two days she had recovered from her wounds

I feel more confident in the practice since reading the compilation of testimonies. If Science and Health and the Bible are our Pastor, then the Bound Volumes are our law books. They show us, case after case, precedent after precedent, the way things really work, the healing power of the Christ.

For example, four weeks ago I got a call from a dear friend who had just found out that her 21-year-old daughter had been stabbed multiple times. My friend was on vacation in Florida, her daughter was in college in California. It was the middle of the night in Santa Barbara and the daughter was about to undergo emergency surgery to stop the internal bleeding and try to stabilize her blood pressure.

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God’s love felt as love from the Christian Science movement

About six weeks after I started serving as a First Reader and two weeks after I started a new job, I noticed a lump on my breast and discoloration. I called a practitioner immediately.

Interestingly, and wonderfully, I was pretty calm; was not at all tempted by medicine. I was convinced the claim was not indicating some big personal character change needed but an attack related to the readership, which I love. Without saying anything about a problem, I asked our branch church executive board to make sure that someone was praying regularly for the platform. No one had been in any systematic way, so this changed.

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“No seam or rent in the divine Science of man”

I was windsurfing in Hawaii, enjoying some fierce winds. During a jibe, I was extending my leg toward the board when the board unexpectedly snapped off a wave. I felt a sharp pain in my knee. It appeared that the impact had bent the knee backward. I got to shore and made it to the house, where I found that putting any weight on the knee caused intense pain. The joint swelled up and I could not walk without crutches.
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“A reminder of the immediacy of God’s power”

I am still very grateful for the collection of powerful healings and the inspiration they offer. As with Mary Baker Eddy, Christian Healer, we saw over and over that material sense testimony (even the most extreme, dire cases) was proven utterly unreal. Matter—with its organs, bones, or systems of the body that seemed to be destroyed by injuries or disease—just didn’t turn out to be substantial; laws that seemed to be reliable were not laws at all, since the power of God, Truth reversed them—dramatically!!
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“It is this spiritual growth that is life-changing.”

I wanted to share a healing that came about after reading your gift.

About four months ago, my tennis partner said, “I know you don’t want to hear this, but you really need to do something about that growth on your face. I have been noticing it for some time, and it looks like it is getting worse. I have friends who have had skin cancer removed from their face and bodies. I know you are a Christian Scientist, but I really think you need to have it checked out.”

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Prompt healing of shattered bones

I was a commercial fisherman some years ago when I experienced an accident that led to a Christian Science healing.

I was tying a line around a wooden pole to secure the stern of the boat as we were preparing to dock. As I was passing the rope behind the pole, the boat smashed into the pole, pinning my hand between the pole and the metal bulkhead behind it. Immediately my hand began to swell up and turn black and blue.

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“Why should I accept that knees or joints could be worn out due to age or overuse?”

When I received the surprise package “To bear testimony to Truth,” I was truly glad to receive it, yet felt unworthy to read it.

For two to three months before that, I had been bothered by tendonitis around the knee. Sometimes while walking, I would suddenly feel my leg buckling under me, and there were times I would wake up in the middle of the night in pain. Each time the symptoms flared up, I would pray to see the unreality of this picture. The symptoms would abate to the point that I could get on with life, but then the cycle would repeat.

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“God has the last word and is always the victor!”

The last word … boils down to Truth! When a situation looks to be unsolvable and you don’t know the way to turn, if you feel unworthy or are in a situation because you made a mistake, what can you do but turn to the dear Father for an answer?

That was just how it was for me. I felt like the Roman Catholic girl who said, “I have nothing left but Christ” (S&H 238:10). But “If God be for us, who can be against us?” (Rom. 8:31)

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“I was filled with joy I haven’t felt in years”

I am writing this to you a little later than planned seeing as how it’s Wednesday evening and I have had a complete physical healing Monday evening.

I had been experiencing a crippling of my feet. So much so that walking was excruciating and no amount of time off my feet mattered. It was to the point where I was planning on looking for another job as I am on my feet all day on both hard and uneven surfaces, exacerbating the problem - or so I thought.

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A great, great day as ice-cream-eating children of God!

After Association on the way home my wife got a call from a track coach at my 15 year old’s school. We knew that he was supposed to run in a big track meet that day, but this kind of special call in past usually meant something was wrong, so we were concerned. It turned out he had been throwing around some kind of hard ball with his friends while waiting for their specific event, and the ball had hit him squarely in the eye. His eye was bleeding, and there had been much swelling.
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