Here is the addition or follow-up to the second item under post-assoc fruitage – opening the door to incoming practice work

Just a follow-up on the woman in the fruitage, which you recently posted.  She is doing GREAT!   She is driving the sisters around town who claimed her feeble; once again serving as an usher at church; and truly claiming the joy of life realized of God!

The “clouds of sense” truly have rolled back to show a form so divinely fair!  What a sight to behold. 

Her sisters (one who is a Scientist but doesn’t attend church) and another who is not, have even asked for help!   The one had a home to sell that had not had one nibble in two years.  Working from an expanded sense of home…a call came full of joy stating that an offer had been made which they were going to accept!  Credit by both sisters has been given to Science for these demonstrations.  How good is our God?!!