“A reminder of the immediacy of God’s power”

I am still very grateful for the collection of powerful healings and the inspiration they offer. As with Mary Baker Eddy, Christian Healer, we saw over and over that material sense testimony (even the most extreme, dire cases) was proven utterly unreal. Matter—with its organs, bones, or systems of the body that seemed to be destroyed by injuries or disease—just didn’t turn out to be substantial; laws that seemed to be reliable were not laws at all, since the power of God, Truth reversed them—dramatically!!

This gives me much to consider, study, and cherish as I move along the path of more consecrated, prayerful living. While I wish I had as much faith and conviction as those earlier students and the profound results they had, I will not give in to complacency now. I haven’t re-read the book yet, but the members’ remarks on our Association website make me see the value of that.

This last year I have been challenged with supply and discouragement, having been laid off from my job and not finding a new job. But I am grateful for family help and for some part-time work, which has been a blessing. I appreciate that I have been able to serve our small but dynamic church more than in previous years. This has, of course, been full of blessings—opportunities for expressing more humility, unselfishness, and patience.

Just a week ago I gave thanks at church for the healing of a severely cut finger, which closed up quickly and without any further inconvenience. Though at first I was faint from the sensation and the appearance of blood, I quickly addressed myself firmly as I used to do with my kids in such a situation: “IT’S OKAY! You are all right, RIGHT NOW! ‘There is no power apart from God.’ Not blood, not skin, not nerve, not knife. You are protected, complete, loved by your Father-Mother, and nothing can come between you and your expression of perfection, health, harmony.” 

I walked around praying for a few minutes, and then put a towel around my finger and went back to making dinner. After dinner, I was able to wrap my finger in a few band-aids and go out to do some gardening, rejoicing!

There have been many healings of illness in the last year. I often call a practitioner when I need support, and I’m so thankful for that help. But recently there was a night when I was able to pray and see through the lie by myself.

While getting ready for bed, I was struck suddenly with severe abdominal pain. I crumpled to the floor, barely able to move.

I reached out to God. I began declaring the Scientific Statement of Being aloud, although not with a lot of conviction. I really had to argue with mortal mind, and my argument went something like this:

Those are just words—they don’t really mean anything. No they are not—they are the truth and I’ve proved it many times. They are God’s law.”

You don’t understand enough. My own understanding has nothing to do with it. God is giving me everything I need, everything I need to know, and always will.     All I need to do is ACCEPT.”

You’re all alone. God is here, now. He and I are at one. I can hear His voice.”

This might be serious. I am not impressed. I’m not made of brain, blood, bones, organs, parts and pieces that can break or wear out. I am a spiritual idea.”

Maybe you did something. I am innocent! Nothing has changed. If God didn’t give it to me, I can’t have it. There is nothing out of control in perfect Life, nothing out of order. Peace is the fact. Wholeness is the fact.”

This line of arguing went on for about 15 minutes, during which time I was able to slowly crawl to my bed. I really fought—especially fear. I tried focusing on the Lord’s Prayer.

Feeling that it was a sort of “attack,” I thought about the many examples of protection and safety in the Bible stories we had been talking about in the Sunday School class I teach. And I clung to the qualities of God that we talk about claiming as our own—our armor and shield—honesty, innocence, wisdom, joy, love, freedom, and especially GRATITUDE. I just kept holding on to anything I could focus on about God and His idea.

In a short time, I was able to relax. I continued to pray along these lines, and then was comfortable enough to get up and get a Christian Science Journal. I was so grateful that I could read and didn’t need to call a practitioner. By the time I fell asleep, I was free. This was a really a great experience for me, and a reminder of the immediacy of God’s power.