Taking a case to the “Supreme Court of Spirit”

Since class instruction in September, I have had numerous demonstrations in Christian Science, one being a healing of my mother’s tooth. The tooth did not seem to be secure and felt like it might fall apart. My mother was having difficulty eating because of it and seemed to be in pain.

The previous month I had gone through class instruction, so I applied the truths we studied. I wrote out a treatment as we were taught in class, and then did this a second time as the need demanded.

The case was taken to the “Supreme Court of Spirit.” The rules and verdicts of the court case in Science and Health by Mary Baker Eddy were applied to my mother’s situation. I worked specifically with this statement: “At the bar of Truth, in the presence of divine Justice, …and before its jurors, the Spiritual Senses, [Christian Science] proclaim[s] this witness, Nerve, to be destitute of intelligence and truth and to be a false witness.” (S&H 437:8)

There was no mandate of Spirit, God, good, that my mother had to suffer because of a tooth. Suffering is not a normal part of one’s life. No, she was free from anything that was not good: “…the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court, with benign and imposing presence, comprehending and defining all law and evidence, explained from his statute-book, the Bible, that any so-called law, which undertakes to punish aught but sin, is null and void.” (S&H 440:33)

Freedom was obtained very quickly. My mother did not have to go to the dentist to have her tooth removed or fixed, and the tooth did not crumble. The healing has been permanent for many months now. She has been able to eat normally, and there has been no more belief of pain. I am very grateful to Christian Science for this demonstration.

Another demonstration occurred when I awoke one night, unable to sleep because I felt uncomfortable. I got up and worked with the truth. After working for some time, I felt at peace enough to go to sleep. When I woke up the next morning, I thanked God for the healing—I was completely well and there was no return of the symptoms.