“No seam or rent in the divine Science of man”

I was windsurfing in Hawaii, enjoying some fierce winds. During a jibe, I was extending my leg toward the board when the board unexpectedly snapped off a wave. I felt a sharp pain in my knee. It appeared that the impact had bent the knee backward. I got to shore and made it to the house, where I found that putting any weight on the knee caused intense pain. The joint swelled up and I could not walk without crutches.

Mortal mind was reminding me of all the knee injuries I had seen among friends and colleagues when I worked in the ski industry. The fear of torn tissues in my knee kept popping up. I have a good friend who is a surgeon specializing in knee repair and I wanted to call him to talk it over, but I stopped. There were no answers there worth knowing. What I needed to know I already had been prayerfully considering: There is no seam or rent in the divine Science of man. The Association assignment healings placed an exclamation point on this statement.

Our vacation was drawing to a close, and I was needed for packing and navigating luggage and daughter through the airport. I couldn’t be much help on crutches. My wife was distressed that she was going to have to do everything while I hobbled along. The next day, I was walking slowly. The day we left, I was moving about in a reasonable fashion, and we navigated the airport and played hide and seek with my daughter around the terminal. That Wednesday, I was an usher at Church and dare say that the physical healing was close to complete. A week later, I pounded out a 15-mile mountain-bike ride with absolutely no complaint from the knee.