“I was filled with joy I haven’t felt in years”

I am writing this to you a little later than planned seeing as how it’s Wednesday evening and I have had a complete physical healing Monday evening.

I had been experiencing a crippling of my feet.  So much so that walking was excruciating and no amount of time off my feet mattered.  It was to the point where I was planning on looking for another job as I am on my feet all day on both hard and uneven surfaces, exacerbating the problem - or so I thought.  

After I left Association office, I walked out onto the street filled with a renewed sense of what it is to work in Christian Science.  I took a cab to the airport, walked through Logan and on the plane home, read testimonies and hummed the hymn “We Are Walking In the Light of God”.  It wasn’t until I was thorough my home airport that I realized I had no pain in my feet.  Zero.  I was filled with a joy I haven’t felt in years!

Elated, I went home and thanked God quietly as I prepared for bed.  A little AM tried sneaking it’s way into my thought testing me in the completeness of the healing saying, ‘In the morning you will be crippled again,’ and, ‘After work tomorrow it will be worse,’  I quickly shut these thoughts down with a simple, ‘No, that is not possible, because God has made me complete and whole.’

The healing remains. In addition to the healing of the feet, I have also experienced a complete healing of my shoulder, which has been causing me much agony and a return of energy.  For the past year I have felt as if I was in a fog and could never quite wake up.  Always tired, I blamed it on poor sleep and diet or the weather. But as is obvious to me now, it was just that pesky AM!

PS I was so excited by my healing that I also told my non-Scientist husband.  His response was to high-five me, say, ‘Way to go!’ and give me a hug.  It was as if I had hit a Grand Slam.