“I thanked God for every good thing I could think of…”

This instance of healing came right before our school’s winter break.  We had about a week and a half before Christmas vacation and mentally I was checked out of my work at school. I was looking ahead to the holiday and really let my guard down, so to speak.  On Wednesday, I was feeling feverish and was not able to go to school, missing my first day all year.  I was able to attend two days of professional development on Thursday and Friday that was off campus, but I still needed to go to school on Monday and Tuesday of the following week.  After a weekend of feeling fine, Sunday night came and the symptoms from the previous week returned in full force. This time instead of accepting them as I had done previously, I met them head on.  As I went to sleep that night, I thanked God for every good thing I could think of that was at school.  I woke up about an hour after I had laid down with my temperature completely normal and feeling completely fine.  I was able to go to school the next two days in perfect health and experience the joy of being in a school at the holidays.  I am grateful for Christian Science showing us that this instantaneous healing I experienced was not due to the power of positive thinking, but rather due to the “divine influence ever present in human consciousness.” (Science and Health, xi:16)