“I was horrified by the realization that I had been accepting of anything but the truth about each family member.”

One of the passages, which stood out to me from the study references, was from Rud. 6:22 which reads in relevant part: 

“…but that the simplest case, healed in Science, is as demonstrably scientific, in a small degree, as the most difficult case so treated.”

Since our assignment this year was to heal, I tried to heal each thought or situation as it appeared. As my work involves working with children who have been arrested, I have ample opportunity to see them in the light that they were created in and lots of opportunity to reverse the world’s claim about young people, especially young men. 

We are told and presented on a daily basis with the story that young men today are alienated because they are unemployed, victimized or disenfranchised, isolated or bored. And as a result of these impositions they become gang members, terrorists or victims of homicide at the hands of those sworn to protect them.

I am First Reader at my church and in preparing for Wednesday readings, I was able to delve deeper into this issue to know that divine Love encompasses all of God’s man.  And to know that no one is outside of Love and that it is true for everyone, including young men.  That right where evil appears, the only power is in fact divine Love, omnipotent.

As I studied these references, I realized that my husband and I had been harboring some of these beliefs about family members, that my nephew was “unfocused” and therefore couldn’t find a job, that his sister had chosen art history to get an advanced degree and that while she was an excellent student she was unlikely to get a paid summer position in her field and that their father (my brother) who had been out of work for years would not be able to get a job in his field.

Needless to say I was horrified by the realization that I had been accepting of anything but the truth about each family member. I began to realize that my nephew’s sole focus was to be the expression of the divine Idea, that he could only do this because it was his being, that his sister could only be the recipient of God’s abundance and that abundance was not curtailed because of any topic she had chosen to study, and that my brother also reflected divine intelligence and love and that these were recognized by all who came in contact with him.

Within a week, my nephew applied for and was accepted for a job in the insurance field which he enjoys and is challenged by, his sister, my niece not only found a paid internship at an art museum in the part of the country she wanted to relocate to, she also received two paid internships one to Central America and another this fall in Rome. And the most humbling was that their father, my brother, also was employed in his field.

I am so grateful for this healing. It was an eye-opener to me to be more vigilant in protecting my thought—a renewed resolve to be sure to do the daily prayers and to guard against aggressive mental suggestion, for my family and the world.

I also have had two physical healings which occurred within the same week and demonstrated to me the all power of divine Love.

I have a black Labrador retriever, named Fiona, who other than eating a good meal, most loves to have her belly rubbed.  One evening she went into her “RUB MY BELLY” mode and I accommodated her.  As she stretched out her paw, she scratched my face, I felt the scratch and the pain but then declared that I could not be harmed in expressing love and that my sweet dog could not be the source of anything but good.  I declared that I live in Love.  Shortly thereafter I felt the scratch close and when getting ready for bed I noted that there was no evidence of the scratch.

A few days later I was cooking a special dinner for my brother and husband.  Part of that meal included a dessert in which fruit was first sautéed in butter and then covered with puff pastry and cooked in the oven.  When the dessert was finished I got a potholder and removed it from the oven and placed it on the range.  I then reached for another frying pan to cook another dish, but the dessert was in the way and so I grabbed the handle to move it out of the way.  As I did so I realized that it was very hot and screamed out.  My non-Scientist husband who was across the room called out, “Did you burn yourself?”  I answered, “I live in divine Love,” he responded “I didn’t ask you where you lived I asked you whether you burned yourself,” to which I answered with complete assurance NO. What happened during the two responses was the complete assurance that I did live in Love that my actions were good and loving and that I could not be harmed in expressing love.  My husband’s questions had the effect of awakening the truth of my being.  When I looked down at my hand it was perfect.  It was an instantaneous healing.

I am grateful for these healing because in each one I was able to affirm that the expression of love can have no ill effect and that our consciousness of God’s allness and ever-presence results in healing.