“The purposeful words…of 'Christian Healing' utterly shooed away all unsettledness.”

A healing of debilitating pain and mortal life-fatigue came swiftly one night.  Over the course of a day, and increasingly that evening, I became overwhelmed with something that felt pretty serious, beyond the things I’d dealt with before.  A couple of days earlier our Reading Room librarian had given a copy of Christian Healing, by Mary Baker Eddy, to a visitor.  I thought I should re-read it myself.  In the middle of a difficult night, with symptoms unrelenting, I opened to that section of Prose Works.  As I read, a steady wave of illumining, calming ideas poured into thought.  I had been working more devotedly for our branch church and felt I had to sacrifice a lot to be a purer, more devoted church member.  It was trying at times.  But when those seeming hardships arose then I put my trust in God more, laying my earthly all ever more faithfully on Science “to guide every event of [my] career.”  (Un., p. 3)  The purposeful words and gracious import of Christian Healing utterly shooed away all unsettledness.  They declared renewed purpose and spiritual identity, beautifully healing the pain and exhaustion.  This particular chapter of Mrs. Eddy’s conveyed and confirmed many things pertaining to my role in life as a more genuine Christian Scientist.  Since then (and it was not that long ago), work, church, family, relationships and a call to work for others (and be prepared for it) have noticeably evolved and time and again healing has been demonstrated.

Not long after the healing account above, a colleague from church called for help with a lingering illness keeping her from her job and church responsibilities for several days. She asked me for help.  I really didn’t have to do anything.  Right then, right there, the books were in front of me and a hymnal open to a perfect verse that hit the mark (#123).  I just stuck to the true idea and the next morning the woman was completely free and back to work.