“I was horrified by the realization that I had been accepting of anything but the truth about each family member.”

I began to realize that my nephew’s sole focus was to be the expression of the divine Idea, that he could only do this because it was his being, that his sister could only be the recipient of God’s abundance and that abundance was not curtailed because of any topic she had chosen to study, and that my brother also reflected divine intelligence and love and that these were recognized by all who came in contact with him.
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Healing thought after Association day

I’ve worked on a simple thought.  When we leave the Association meeting, animal magnetism cannot persuade us that we are leaving a special day with a bag of nice ideas to take back into the “real world.”  All that good, joy, confidence, insight and willingness to work is our native mental estate, is the realm of the real.  Aggressive mental suggestion is a tricky temptation, that can tempt no one, for we are alert, awake, and the active children of Mind, Love.  We live not in matter and live only as we live in infinite good.  Each wonderful idea we opened to is a higher sense of the one creation.  Error cannot tempt our Association family to sleep, or to believe in temporal good things and experiences; for good is the everlasting and only reality.  We are alert, awake and can see the ideas we learned doing their work and transforming our world.  Amen and thank Love!

Praying for a loved one

I wanted to share a healing that occurred just before Association. My dad was having a problem with his foot, and unable to walk well and work his regular schedule for a couple of months.  He became more open to prayerful support and metaphysical ideas, and I prayed in general (he is currently on medication) for approximately a week and sent helpful articles related to what he was working through and he also read some of Science and Health, by Mrs. Eddy. Within one week of this prayer, he was feeling better and back to regular work and seemed uplifted and his joyful self.  I have seen this sequence of events several times.  I was very grateful for this, and to learn more of our ongoing and continuous joy, inspiration, purpose, and faith. 

“I looked in the direction of the problem and spoke out loud the truth.”

The cabin lights went on. Many passengers were sleeping but I was wide awake. I had been studying pages 390 - 391 in Science and Health by Mrs. Eddy. I was working with all the verbs, such as dispute, dismiss, agree to disagree, rise, blot out, banish, etc. When the announcement was made I just looked in the direction of the problem and spoke out loud the truth that I had been reading about one Mind and the power of divine Mind to control and govern all action.
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Getting to Association 2015

One truth that helped cut through this was simply knowing that I am always in my right place, which is the realm of Spirit, Love’s place of activity and purposefulness. In recent years, this constant almost daily affirmation about “place” has allowed me to take steps and be in places where new activities and opportunities opened up, even when the prospects seemed absent, sometimes literally on the other side of the world.
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