“You're not hurt, so don't think you are."

I was cutting multiple branches from the trees surrounding our house (trying to prevent the raccoons from re-entering our attic).  I was using, what we call, a “bow saw.”  (It resembles an archery bow, with a large blade consisting of very jagged teeth in place of the bow string.)  It’s quite amazing how quickly this blade can cut through a fairly thick branch.  So when I sawed through a branch into my finger, I had to defy the man-made “logic” and image that both tried to pop up in my thinking - with regards to the kind of job this type of blade could perform upon flesh and bone.  Mrs. Eddy recommends that mother waves off a child’s concerns if she takes a tumble, “Oh, never mind!  You’re not hurt, so don’t think you are.” (S&H, p. 154)  I have seen the great success with that approach.  Similarly the thought came to me, “Do not calculate the damage and don’t give the accident any power!”  There was very little pain throughout the experience and other than cleaning it I made a conscious effort not to follow it’s physical progress.  As I rehearsed the truth of my being, and disregarded the matter picture, the seeming problem just faded away to its native nothingness.

You mentioned that we could tell healing of sin as well as sickness.  Christian Science has helped me a number of times in the past year in loving my fellow man - at times when this didn’t seem possible (as terrible as that sounds).  But simply holding to the truth about God’s man, caused a reversal to the situation at hand.  I was very grateful for these revelations of truth about both our identities and I see how these types of experiences continue to draw us closer to God.