“I simply wasn’t afraid anymore.”

I am grateful for a healing that occurred this past year, as it came about through my own prayers, and one that involved the handling of fear. 

In a new job I am at the computer much more than I ever used to be.  First I had to address the claim of a sore back, as sitting was not something I had done for long stretches.  The sore back was addressed quickly, and although it’s been awhile now, I most likely worked from the simple truth that I couldn’t be harmed for doing good, or right activity.

But being at the computer a lot, I began to have a sore right wrist.  It seemed to come and go, and honestly I didn’t give it a lot of thought.  But one Thursday evening I came home from work and was in a lot of pain.  I remember going back to the Bible Lesson that evening, and this certainly helped to calm thought, but then in the night I was awakened a few times, because of the discomfort.  Even a light sheet on the hand was painful.

In the morning I was up early, but often do my study work initially right in bed.  I recall feeling mostly fear, as I had a number of tasks to complete for the upcoming work day, and I really couldn’t move the wrist much at all.  I reached for the paperback hymnal next to the bed.  I love the hymns, and although I’m not a great singer, I still love to sing the hymns.  I sang for quite a while.  I don’t recall which hymns they were now, although I am sure Mrs. Eddy’s hymns were interspersed, and other favorites.  But when I finished singing, the fear had completely gone.  I simply wasn’t afraid anymore.

I know I must have worked with the Bible Lesson next, but I distinctly recall the tasks of the day.  I had a lot of office work to do, even needing to pick up heavier objects.  I also had an important meeting to attend.  I was able to complete everything I needed to.  And the fear never returned.  I remember only being expectant of a complete healing.  Over the weekend, I didn’t allow myself to feel limited.  I used the hand the best I could, even with small, simple tasks.  It wasn’t a willful thing, instead it felt more like a leading from God that I was protected. 

By Monday, when I was back at the keyboard for a full day I could do all of the work I needed to, and by Tuesday there wasn’t any pain at all.  I was a little hesitant to give a testimony Wednesday night, as maybe I should give the healing a bit more “time”?  But then the account about Jesus healing the man with the withered hand, “Stretch forth thine hand…and it was restored whole, like as the other” was shared.  (Matt. 12:13)  And I felt I really should give this testimony.

I’ve never had an ounce of discomfort again from the wrist, after many days, weeks, and months at the keyboard, not to mention quite a bit of snow shoveling this winter, and other activities.  I am so grateful for God’s care and the healing efficacy of Christian Science, and for the CS hymnal!