“I worked to feel that harmonious presence of God.”

I met with a person two days ago that had been introduced to Christian Science and wanted to meet with a practitioner.  He said he had been resisting a spiritual approach his entire life.  He had tried meditation a bit (but wasn’t comfortable with it).  He also had been trying to find a job in a different state for months but with little success.  We talked a long time and I seemed to have answered some of his questions, including what a CS Practitioner could “do.”  I handed him a copy of the Second Series of “We Knew Mary Baker Eddy” and specifically said to read the Lulu Blackman story first.  I told him I would work for him, which he now understood to mean mental treatment.  

I worked to feel that harmonious presence of God and know that it was present for everyone.  In the morning I received a phone call and was told that in the middle of the night he had awoken to feel a strong peaceful presence and an assuring voice within.  He realized God was with him.  Later in the morning he received two emails from headhunters interested in his work.  I remembered upon hearing this that I had said the night before that often people have found many difficulties were worked out at one time in Christian Science treatment.  I was released by him after one treatment.

The patient remarked: “Well, that didn’t take long.”