“I found that when I was questioned by someone new to CS, all the answers I needed for her were in the testimonies I had recently read.”

Feedback on 1943 testimonies

I have not yet read all the 1943 testimonies, perhaps because I took a long time on each one.  I printed the testimonies, highlighted key points, recorded these in a notebook, highlighted again and marked the most meaningful ones – finding I could endorse more than half of them with a ‘Like’ as  I saw how each individual had progressed.  In my notebook I had an overview of about 18 testimonies on each double page spread, giving a good synopsis.

There was naturally a wide variety in the scope of the testimonies but I was struck by the great number of instantaneous healings reported by people with very little experience of CS. Their simple enthusiasm was sufficient and also the power of gratitude, and firmness in taking up the opportunity for healing.  “If you can’t sing, then whisper and be grateful.”  

I was interested to see why the testifiers rejected orthodox religion – e.g. it couldn’t answer their physical problems, or they couldn’t accept death and sickness as God’s will – and that they rejected the criticisms of material scientists that Christian Science healings are just faith cures.  There was a great ‘stick with it’ conviction that CS is the Truth, regardless of human outcome.  ("I don’t care if I do die, it’s the Truth to be worked out here or hereafter.")

The testifiers put much effort into obtaining healing, many traveling dozens of miles to a practitioner’s office and being healed in one treatment. The exactly appropriate truth was exactly at hand when the need was greatest, e.g. a direct hit on a London house: "See baseless evil fall" (Hymn #267), and "God [is] at my right hand" (Hymn #78).

What can we learn today from these experiences?

a) Learn how quickly and clearly the receptive seeker is healed, and how new seekers intuitively reject the limitations of orthodox religion.  Also learn how effective Christian Science treatment is – e.g. when a patient is released from a long term psychiatric hospital in a matter of a few days.  I found that when I was questioned by someone new to CS, all the answers I needed for her were in the testimonies I had recently read.   
b) Is the same kind of profoundly impressive healing to be found today?  Of course!  But we must know this, and nourish the expectation of others.
c) Why can it be expected? Because Truth hasn’t changed, nor has man’s nature as God’s image.
d) What was the state of consciousness of these testifiers? Receptivity, expectation, trust, persistence, simplicity, conviction, steadfastness -  and so much more.  A clear recognition that God IS All.