“Reading all of these testimonies was precisely this…experiencing flood-tides of Love.”

A few overall thoughts before getting to the assignment questions:
“The way to extract error from mortal mind is to pour in truth through flood-tides of Love.” (SH 201:17)

Reading all of these testimonies was precisely this… experiencing flood-tides of Love. It just flowed. I kept a log of my thoughts/reactions to these testimonies, as well as capturing key quotes, and it is impossible to review these in preparing these thoughts without feeling the extraordinary presence of divine Love in these healings and lives. Very uplifting and inspiring!
Is the same kind of profoundly impressive healing to be found today?  Why can it be expected? 
Yes – very much. While I think the claims of mortal thought may appear to be more subtle and in many ways more insidious today, the “snake is still the same” – the nothingness of nothing is still nothing today – and God is still omnipotent, omniscient and ever-present, and we have always been and ever will be His children. And if anything, we should be doing “greater works than these” as we have so much more to build on.
What may be a bit different today is that we are beginning to see beyond the need for just physical healing. In reading the current periodicals, I am most grateful for the growing emphasis on the need to understand and demonstrate who we really are – not just for the sake of physical healing, but because spiritual life is what is real and true. All needed physical healing will naturally come as a consequence of rising higher in our understanding of this reality. 
Describe the sense you have of the state of consciousness evident in these testifiers, after reading the 1943 testimonies.

• A desire for truth… even when they had to fight for it… literally
• An understanding of the power of gratitude
• Humility, trust, simplicity of thought, patience
• Courage – the war time testimonies of protection are remarkable (my Dad spent over three years in combat in North Africa and Italy, and late in life shared several remarkable experiences of protection. He was not a Christian Scientist, but my Mom was!)
• Being willing to use what they had – to put into use what (little) they already knew and trust the outcome
• Readiness of thought – openness, uncontaminated perception
• Acceptance of the truth even when it was so new to them. In many cases it was not “unconditional acceptance” at first, but a willingness to work honestly.