“Is it true? Is it true?”

There was the Bible exhibition at The Mother Church in 1980s.  The narrator in the film recounting the works of Jesus said, “Is it true? Is it true?”  As I read the testimonies from the 1943 Sentinel, I felt as if I was hearing the same voice. It made me wonder, though, the question was not really an expression of doubt or amazement. Rather, it was a voice of “tender sweet persuasions” saying, “Yes, it is true. Yes, it is true.”  What the letter says in Mis., p. 468, and included in the references, was very helpful to think along these testimonies. 

The healing of asthma (Jan 2, ’43, Spitta) could have been just a familiar refrain. On the contrary, it gave me a fresh meaning of praying for others.  Mrs. Eddy says, “…all whom your thoughts rest upon are thereby benefited.”(My, p. 210)   I now see the statement in a different light. It requires a serious spiritual discipline to reach out to others in need.  

The testifiers in the Sentinel are “living stones.”  Is it correct to say Mrs. Eddy intended to build her church with these “living stones?”