“Time to get on with sharing Christian Science more widely.”

1. What did you find in the book that you would particularly like to pass along to fellow Scientists or family members or even those who know little of Christian Science?

The book mentioned how Mrs. Eddy was either “demonized or deified” the former being grossly unfair and the latter being detrimental to progress. We must strive to understand her as she really was. We need to share the wonder of her human life.

 2. Describe what you yourself felt from reading the book. Did it raise questions about how your own life could change during this crucial time in order to bring your best to serve this Cause? What can we learn from the sacrifices of the early workers and their obedience to Mrs. Eddy’s leadership? How does this leadership continue into the second century of Christian Science. 

I was a bit taken aback at her statement that Christian Science was the final and thus last revelation that mankind would be given.  I’ve been pondering that.  At first I must admit that my first reaction was that it sounded a bit egomaniacal and I though “ooh, I’ll never mention that to a non-Scientist.”  But after pondering it I’ve found it a source of fresh inspiration.  How wonderful that we are living in the post-CS-Discovery era.  How fortunate for us and all mankind.  Time to get on with sharing it more widely.