“A thought…that has given renewed Spirit to my prayer”

When I received this year’s Association assignment, I had received We Knew Mary Baker Eddy, Expanded Edition, Vol. I as a gift the previous Christmas, but had not yet had the opportunity to read it.  Before reading the second volume, it seemed to make sense to complete the first.  I haven’t yet finished them both, but wanted to share a thought from the first volume that has given renewed Spirit to my prayer and has helped greatly in a healing toward which I have been working for a time and for which I have seen welcome progress recently. 

In Mary Stewart’s account, she remembers Mrs. Eddy saying, “The worst evil is to go to a bed of sickness and say: ‘God is All.  God is Love. You are not sick.’”  She spoke with scorn of such statements made coldly and superficially, and indicated that that sort of practice…brought criticism from physicians, saying: “If I were a physician, I would have made the same criticisms…Mother would say, ‘Arise and walk.’” Like Jesus our Leader healed quickly and permanently…” (p. 319)

I am afraid I have sometimes been a bit superficial like that in my treatments, more concerned with the logical, intellectual argument than feeling the authority and power of Spirit and allowing that power to direct the healing work.  Since studying this, though, I have seen welcome progress praying about a challenge with breathing that I have been praying about for the better part of the last year!