“Let your upper-standing hold you”

I finished reading We Knew Mary Baker Eddy, Expanded Edition, Vol. II.  I read it slowly, drinking in the truths that Mrs. Eddy imparted to her staff.

Although the complete Truth is right there in Science and Health by Mary Baker Eddy, these gems highlight it with new perspective, such as: “Do not work against error, but feel the Love that dissolves it” (p. 133) and “In your arguments do not admit any opposite to God, a denial of anything is an admission that it has a claim to existence.”  And my favorite: “You will heal instantaneously when you believe what you say” and “…‘I can’ is the Son of ‘I am’” (p. 285).  I love that!

Mortal mind is constantly trying to tell me I can’t.  When I was the only one left to accept the First Reader position.  When I couldn’t read the small print in the concordances.  When a church member loaned me a computer with the Concord program on it and I was computer ignorant.  When I needed to organize the order of service notes on the desk.  When I needed to put together Wednesday evening readings, etc. But little by little “I am” said “you can.”

Mrs. Eddy also said in William Rathvon’s account: “Do not depend too much upon your understanding, but let your upper-standing hold you” (p. 545).

Reading that book was and is a bountiful feast.  I am learning a lot!