“This book has helped me to better understand how God is always with us”

2. Describe what you yourself felt from reading the book. Did it raise questions about how your own life could change during this crucial time in order to bring your best to serve this Cause? What can we learn from the sacrifices of the early workers and their obedience to Mrs. Eddy’s leadership? How does this leadership continue into the second century of Christian Science?

This book has helped me to better understand how God is always with us. After hearing how much Mary Baker Eddy went through in her life, more than most people, she knew she could always go to prayer and remember that in reality, God was always with her. Before reading this book, it was easy for me to get in the habit of thinking that she and the early workers had their own problems and they were able to work through them but in our current time, there are so many more problems that they didn’t have to face. Many times I find myself becoming upset about massive problems like global warming or small problems, like not being able to get away from bad advertisements on the Internet.

However, after reading this book, in the second century of Christian Science I have started realizing that my own fears are not smaller or bigger than theirs. I have started reading Prose Works from start to finish and love it. I am having a better appreciation of how church is able to have a positive influence on society. I have also started trying harder to control my thoughts, especially when I am fearful. Once when I was driving home from work in the snow, I kept repeating to myself “Whatever it is your duty to do, you can do without harm to yourself” (S&H 385:17-18). I remained calm and there were no accidents. All of this has led me have a better appreciation, care and love for humanity and our church. “If you do not get happiness where you are now, you will never get it” (We Knew Mary Baker Eddy Expanded Edition Vol. II p. 547).