“I was kind of astonished by how perfectly our needs were provided for”

I really liked the parts of We Knew Mary Baker Eddy, vol. II that were transcriptions of metaphysical things Mrs. Eddy had told people.  One thing that impressed me strongly was how often Mrs. Eddy would say that we need to deny error less and affirm Truth more.  I also think it’s really important how she said again and again that when praying, people should just love.  I’ve been trying to do those things as I pray.

I loved finding out that Mrs. Eddy loved terrible puns – like on page 166 when she gave Joseph Mann a watch, and told him that it would remind him to “Watch!”

I was fascinated by all the times that Mrs. Eddy and her household prayed to control the weather.  I actually had a small experience with that, last summer, when I arranged a concert in a beautiful space that didn’t have air conditioning.  We had some provisions for cooling the space off, but as we got closer to the time, there was a heat wave that threatened to make it too hot for comfort.  But then, in the afternoon before the concert, there was a break in the heat, and it became almost cool.  We were able to air the space out and it was perfectly pleasant for the concert.  Then the weather went back to being hot again right after the concert was over.  I had been praying for the success and harmony of the concert, and that the spiritual ideas behind the concert could be clearly expressed, but I was kind of astonished by how perfectly our needs were provided for.  I had not thought of that as something actually possible, really.  I was also a little reluctant to say that it was the result of prayer, in case I was being presumptive or ridiculous, so it was very interesting to read about Mrs. Eddy not just saying control of the weather was possible, but requiring it from her household. I also really love the part on page 471 where Adelaide Still describes Mrs. Eddy “calling the students in and asking them if a Christian Scientist could control the weather…She asked the question of each one separately, and each one replied, “Yes, Mother.” She said, “They cannot, but God can.”