"Materiality is no longer the dominant influence"

1.  What did you find in the book that would…?

In what can appear to be a “busy” world, I gained some useful pointers on “process vs. product” that help me refocus on living in the present.

On page 155 of We Knew Mary Baker Eddy, vol. II, Joseph Mann said, “…On this same basis Mrs. Eddy rejoiced not so much in whatever was accomplished as in the manner of its accomplishment.”

On page 299, Anna B. White Baker broadly points out what the “process” of being a Christian Scientist can look like: “Not only hundreds but thousands everywhere throughout the world acknowledge themselves today better Christians because they have learned to live saner, more consistent lives through following the practical application of Christianity as taught by Mrs. Eddy.  They do not appear as a superstitious people.  They wear no badges to proclaim their faith but go about their work rejoicing in greater peace and freedom.  Materiality is no longer the dominant influence, and Life, Truth, and Love are more and more clearly understood.”

And on page 549, William R.  Rathvon, in his note from Mrs. Eddy’s lesson shared with her household on September 25, 1910, he recalls her saying, “There is never a time when there is not something for you to do.  Doing that something opens the way for God’s blessing.”  And it occurred to me that I could rephrase the last sentence to, “Doing that something opens the way for God’s blessing…which is something more for you to do.”  This closes the loop and illustrates the uninterrupted doing of God’s will, which to me is a definition of “man.”