“…an inner core of humility and receptivity to Truth”

Question 1
What stands out as having greatest relevance for my personal spiritual journey and what I’d like to pass onto others is what came through over-and-over through these stories: Mary Baker Eddy’s and these early worker’s moment-by-moment reliance on and ability to recognize divine guidance. The following quotes brought this alive for me:

“I wait on God; my times are in His hands. He will do with me what seemeth to Him good. I do not see my way clearly yet, what He would have me do. When I see it, I will let you know.”(We Knew Mary Baker Eddy, vol. II, p. 258)

“I don’t know what is best to do, but Love will show me the way.” (p. 188)

“I want you always to remember that Mother had to obey God before she knew the reasons why.”  (p. 189)

Question 2  
I felt a joyous sense of enlightenment as I read We Knew Mary Baker Eddy vol. II and was struck by the simplicity and beauty of these early followers’ existence led by Spirit.  Their direct and close contact with Mary Baker Eddy and Spirit manifested in dynamic and dramatic demonstration.  They seemed to possess an inner core of humility and receptivity to Truth, which rendered them willing to serve and leave all for the Cause; literally, “leaving their nets” and following.  They were completely dedicated to the work.  This often meant extreme sacrifice, leaving home, family and employment to serve the Cause of Truth.

“I intuitively recognized that to truly serve Mrs. Eddy, I must demonstrate an aliveness to duty which amounted to a spontaneity of wisdom in action that was akin to the godliness in which she rested.  It was, therefore, my living prayer to be so alive to the originality of God-with-me as to enable me to do harmoniously and quickly the things of which I knew she had need…” (p. 155)

“Mrs. Eddy guided the argumentative beliefs wisely into an acceptance of infinite Mind’s power and presence, and this became a time marked by an absolute change of consciousness regarding Life and its demand, together with its motive, purpose, desire and aim…” (pp. 13-14)

I know the “absolute change of conscious” is requisite to revolutionizing Truth to our world and its demands of leaving all for the Cause are no less today.  I understand that “…letting go of a self-sustaining sense of force and the belief of one’s own energy, and taking hold on divine might, power, and presence, was the secret of one’s standing in line to reflect the all-sufficiency of God’s divine leading.” (p. 14)  Such is the evidence of complete and uncompromising dedication to Truth; service with passion, without question.  I hold myself to this high standard and calling to serve Truth.