“Turning directly to our Leader’s writings to learn more of this Science”

Here are some of my thoughts on the assignment, along with the gratitude and joy I felt.

Three days ago I felt led to study the Science section of the chapter “Science, Theology, and Medicine”, and found deeper meanings and applications opening up like fresh discoveries.  Then getting your assignment letter immediately afterwards brought an added burst of gratitude, joy, and expectancy.

I saw something new in Paul’s statement that opens the chapter.

Right off it sounds the basic fact that we often need to be reminded of—that the human mind is not where we find the source and power of Science. It is revelation direct from God through Jesus’ demonstration and teaching.

And just this morning, “Through Christian Science…fresh pinions are given to faith and understanding, and thoughts acquaint themselves intelligently with God.”  “Fresh pinions” indicate that even if we have accepted a false belief relating to health, relationship, or any circumstance for any length of time, or just for the last moment, Christian Science is giving us fresh wings to lift us above any and every screwy thing with which the carnal mind tries to keep us firmly tied to mortality. 

And what are we lifted to? “Thoughts that acquaint themselves intelligently with God”, not with human theories and hypotheses about God, Life.

This is a little of the fruitage that is already coming from turning directly to our Leader’s writings to learn more of this Science.

Hurrah! And thank you for the assignment.