“Positively on fire with energy and spiritual impetus”

After Association meeting, I often feel that I just want to slip quietly away to absorb what I’ve been taking in. All day so many words popped into thought. Words like revolution, regeneration, humility, no rumination, expunge (the record), claim (the blessing)… .

I haven’t been such a good correspondent because I have thought that I am always taking such baby steps that it just doesn’t sound that exciting. But be assured that progress is being made all the timeand that now I feel ready for a giant step forward. At our meeting I had such an invigorating, strong sense that I don’t have to accept subtle progress, but can be more Biblical in my expectations.

A huge part of this is shedding the sense of tragedy and dysfunction that I have carried along, supposedly from my family. I have taken in the disappointment and sense of rejection too strongly. But lately the simple thought has been coming to me that God approves of me and appreciates who I am in His creationand, for that matter, approves of everyone else, too.

Another thought that has been coming clearly over the last few days is that no one can opt out of Science. I don’t mean Christian Science the religion, but divine Science, the truth of being. We can choose to go off the cleared, straight path and bushwhack, and this “adventure” can go on for a long time, but eventually we will end up at the top of the mountain with a clear view. The confusion and ignorance we accept for ourselves do not change the pure reality. There are not two camps, two or more thoughts; there is not more than one reality. I am really determined to see my whole family the way God sees them, and I trust that I have this capacity and can express this healing freedom.

And, by the way, two friends from different churches have reported to me that church members recently gave testimonies that were positively on fire with energy and spiritual impetus. They both made reference to having just heard an address, and when asked, they replied that it had been yours. So, I wasn’t the only one who felt the transforming spirit.