“Upon arriving at Association, I had become completely free”

The night before Association, animal magnetism tried to detract from the purpose of my trip. I felt exhausted from little sleep on Thursday night and a very early flight to Boston. As I went to bed, I felt the symptoms of what in the past has turned into a long period of not feeling well. I immediately handled this suggestion and proclaimed that nothing could detract from this Association day.

When I woke up on Saturday morning, I felt rested but was still not feeling totally well. When I arrived at the Hynes, I was immediately greeted by the friendly, familiar faces of my Association family. Throughout the entire day, I was rejoicing at how awake I felt and cherishing the ever-presence of Love in the room. Although I don’t personally know many of the Association members and guests, there are so many familiar faces I love seeing year after year, and I love hearing yearly updates of progress and new adventures from those I do know.

I was really touched by the accounts of “finding Christian Science” from all three panelists. I rejoiced in each account and truly felt that we are “banded together” in our journey to demonstrate the relevance and freshness of Christian Science today.

It was not until the very end of the day that I remembered the symptoms I had felt during the night and realized that upon arriving at Association, I had become completely free. Thank you to every Association member and guest for your contributions to this day!