"I was quiet, praying and endeavoring just to live Science."

I was in the car with my daughter and sitting with my two-year-old granddaughter in the backseat.  The baby was just drifting off to sleep, my daughter had been singing Mrs. Eddy’s hymns, the whole atmosphere entirely quiet and peaceful when suddenly everything in my granddaughter’s stomach came out.  

Both my daughter and I remained calm; she pulled off the highway and soon found a large driveway to pull into so we could take care of the baby and clean things up.  A woman from the house called out asking if she could help us.  She spontaneously came right out with water, paper towels and a plastic bag, all perfectly meeting our needs.  It was hard to miss the fact that God was so beautifully taking care of us in our need.

We arrived at the home where we were all guests overnight.  In the night the baby was wakened by what had lately been a frequent occurrence of excessive coughing and throwing up.  Realizing my daughter and her husband had already been dealing with this for quite a while, I went in at 1:00 a.m. to ask if they would like me to take the baby to my room.  They accepted gratefully.

I prayed for the baby and sang to her but her condition did not improve; in fact, I felt symptoms had become somewhat worse.  “Wait a minute,” I said to myself, “this is not my baby.  I need to take her to my daughter so she can be made aware of what is going on.” 

With the baby in my arms, I went to wake my daughter so we could speak quietly outside her bedroom.  My daughter left Science a few years ago and I was aware that because of their concerns about the frequency of nighttime disruptions with the baby, they were scheduled to take her to a doctor.  I said to my daughter, “I know you’re taking her to the doctor on Monday (we were now at 4:00 a.m. Sunday), but I don’t see how we can let this go on for another hour.  Could I have your permission to call a Christian Science practitioner to pray for the baby now?”  Without hesitation, she gave approval and I called a practitioner for help.

The three of us went back to my bedroom and my daughter said, “This is weird: we’re sleeping while you take care of the baby!”   And from then on, my daughter and I both stayed in my room with the baby.  She put the baby in the small bed and the two of us lay on the floor.  Immediately the fever broke and the baby went right to sleep and slept soundly and peacefully for 3 hours. 

I was told that the next night, the baby slept peacefully with the slightest exception.  And when they took her to the pediatrician, the baby was happy, bouncy and healthy.  The pediatrician said there was nothing wrong with the baby.

As someone who has practiced Christian Science all my adult life and brought up my children where Science cared for their every need with healing, I learned alot from this experience.  It is not mine to decide how things should go with our adult children’s decision-making (though this view has come after tears and been a long time coming for me).  I loved learning from the practitioner on this case that we are all under divine Love’s care, whether or not “in Science,” including the pediatrician.  The baby is not being torn one direction or the other by varied adult views when there is this kind of leaning and trust in Love’s blanketing us all.

Mrs. Eddy said to one of her students, “Feel the Love that dissolves the error” and that was certainly the case here where in no instance during these events did I say anything about Science.  Instead, I was quiet, praying and endeavoring just to live Science.  When we said our good-byes, my son-in-law who has let it be known he doesn’t believe in God, thanked me and gave me a hug of appreciation and gratitude.