“My Dad called to tell me all symptoms had vanished”

About six weeks ago, I received a call from my Dad, who although he is not a Christian Scientist, has had many Christian Science healings.  He wanted me to pray for him because he was having difficulty walking, and pain in his lower abdomen.  He said the problem was related to the kidneys .  After  explaining some simple truths, I asked him if he was self-diagnosing or had he been to the doctor.  He admitted he had been so afraid that he went to the ER to check out the problem.  They took blood tests and concluded he had kidney failure. 

Instead of following medical opinions and recommendations, he called me for healing.  Through Christian Science he had been healed in the past of two kinds of incurable cancer, stomach difficulties, and pneumonia.  So the power of God’s own knowledge of Himself as omnipresent and omnipotent came over me and gave me such peace that I knew my dad was healed when I spoke these words to him, “God is Love and Love doesn’t fail.”  The next day, my dad called to tell me that all symptoms had vanished.  He was free to walk and move without pain or exhaustion, and this freedom has continued over succeeding months.

Expressing more love in my present experience with family members

My Dad passed on a week before last year’s Association meeting. Although I didn’t cry from grief per se, I did cry when I thought about how loved he had always made me feel. I started crying about Mom for the same reason (she’d passed on many years before). One day it came to me that I could think about them any time I wanted to—it was as if they were right there with me. I have the idea of them all the time. Hasn’t that always been the reality—more real than my so-called human history with them? Now I am appreciating the unconditional love of my Mom and Dad, but without the tears.
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“I love this healing because it shows that perfection was always there.”

On my way home from running errands one day, I came across an injured squirrel. As I reached out to pick him up and guide him away from the street, he turned and bit my finger. Initially, there was quite a bit of pain. As I sat in my car, I began to pray, knowing and understanding God’s love for the squirrel and myself. I knew that there was only Love going on and there was nothing to fear. Soon a calmness came over me.
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Finding an office when there was “no room in the inn”

I thought I would send a small demonstration —which was a big one to me at the time.

It has to do with finding an office, which has been a major bugbear since I first started my business four years ago. We’ve been through three offices altogether, and last May we moved into my apartment because I couldn’t afford the rent of the (not very nice) office we were in at the time.

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“More than anything, I needed to be in Science and Health.”

Early one morning last spring, I happened to open Science and Health to a testimony in “Fruitage” called “Saved from Insanity and Suicide” (S&H 637–639). I read it because it was there.

The author of this remarkable testimony was suffering from severe physical ailments and symptoms of insanity, and her daughter had been given up to die of consumption. When someone loaned her the textbook, she began reading the chapter “Prayer.” She wrote…

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“A blessing to the neighborhood, to the dog owner, and even to the dog.”

I was happy to read Lulu Blackman’s account of unexpectedly praying for someone when she felt she was unprepared to do so. She felt she didn’t yet have sufficient understanding, but obedience and love opened her eyes to the power of Truth and carried the day. I wish I could report such a decisive example of instantaneously healing others. Yet I do feel that a recent experience built on my desire to put into practice my understanding of Christian Science and to be of help to others.
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“A more radical willingness to be ‘in the way’ of Truth and to ‘go with’ Spirit more fully.”

After last year’s Association, including reading Mary Baker Eddy: Christian Healer, there was an actual, felt increase in healings experienced and witnessed.

In early fall came a remarkable recovery of a stolen bag that held my computer and all my essentials. It was taken from a coffee shop in a Berlin train station at rush hour as I was on the way to the airport. The practitioner involved said the bag would be returned…

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“I thought of the painless nature of God’s being”

A dear friend of mine who is a Christian Scientist was obviously having trouble with her arm.  So I naturally asked her what the problem was.  She told me that as she got into the car she had pulled on the steering wheel and  felt  something had snapped in her arm.  She couldn’t move it freely and it was quite painful.  She had much work to do for the household, but the trouble with the arm made lifting impossible!

I asked her if I could pray for her, and she was happy to accept my offer.  As I prayed, I thought of the painless nature of God’s being and that there was no separation from the Love that is God and her being which is the reflection of Love’s being.   The next morning she had improved and by the end of the day she could pick up almost anything without effort.  The pain had ceased and her arm movement was entirely normal.

Overcoming an insidious form of animal magnetism

It is time to share some fruitage and express gratitude with my fellow Association mates.

About three years ago, my family’s finances became victim to an insidious form of animal magnetism. At that time we had two sources of income, one from my wife’s job and the other from investments. We relied on a partnership with a family member to help manage our investments, and initially those investments were a great success. But…

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“Our testimony in brick and mortar”

Recently, I was appointed Chairman of the Accommodation Committee for our branch church. For many years, we had desired to have our own place of worship. The challenge always seemed to be the exorbitant cost of property and building materials and the financial strength (or what was perceived as the lack) of our church accounts. A few years ago we got property, although it was in dire need of restructuring and renovation. The task ahead of our committee was to put in a new ceiling and floor and to paint the walls. Humanly, the cost seemed prohibitive, given the paucity of funds available.
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“Standing on my understanding of God and moving forward with it”

I love keeping a list of my healings! When facing a new challenge, it’s so great to be able to look back and think, “Wait, I can do this. This is no more real than all these other things I’ve faced.” The lion’s paw and bear’s paw, so to speak. To be able to put the new challenge in perspective and not be overwhelmed, as mortal mind would just love to do.
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“God is his Father and Mother, guiding him to all good.”

Over the years, we have had some serious challenges to meet with our son—in particular, labels from teachers and friends’ parents related to neurological issues. There has been great progress academically. In middle school he was recommended for special education, after some pretty damning reports by teachers. Instead, we switched school districts, which really helped him turn the corner academically. Now that he is in high school, he is an exceptionally hard worker who earns every bit of his 3.2 GPA.
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