Loving with childlike exuberance

Childlike exuberance—that’s what I was encouraged to sing with at my first singing lesson with a friend from college. As Second Reader, I had been embarrassed that my cracked notes were amplified over the sound system every time I sang a hymn. At that first lesson I was hung up with the mechanics of singing. Then my friend voiced the most liberating truth: “You are trying to make your voice, but GOD has made your voice, and what He makes lasts forever.” Then the childlike voice soared out without cracking.
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“It’s exciting to live Christian Science in a multi-denominational setting”

I thought you might enjoy hearing some fruitage from my work as director of daycare at a large Presbyterian church. It is exciting to have the opportunity to live Christian Science in a multi-denominational setting.

I work with a woman whose children are cared for in the daycare; she is the director of membership in this Presbyterian Church. She loves her church and is eager to learn more about spiritual things…

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“Not caring enough is simply not in the equation. God is care.”

I had an experience last year which reminded me of how being a student of Christian Science has a cumulative effect on improving our very motives for doing everything.

I had lunch with a former boss from 30+ years ago, which we do every year or so. He’s a principal in a high-profile ad agency, where he manages many corporate accounts and a covey of junior account executives. We got to talking about what each of us has been doing. He said he would like to retire but can’t, due to stale investments this last decade.

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Corporate Mentality Overcome

As part of my job several times a year my staff and I have an internal audit conducted to ensure we are in compliance in our day-to-day tasks working within the bank. Traditionally we have the same person that comes to audit us, but this past March we were assigned a new individual to conduct this audit. From the moment he stepped into our office he was confrontational, militant, disdaining, and unkind. We experienced this throughout the entire day only to be told in the end that we had failed our audit and failed it miserably. For me in that moment it was devastating and let’s just say that I did not respond with love and kindness. I was crying, I was angry, and I was feeling like a victim.
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Desiring to see God more clearly—but not with those “cute” reading glasses

A few years ago, I found myself having difficulty reading fine print, such as the tags on clothing. I noticed that several of the women I work with were wearing “cute” reading glasses. One friend had a stockpile of cute glasses, and other friends were pulling them out of their purses at dinner. I became fascinated with the way the glasses matched their outfits and how they looked upon their faces. It was almost like a fashion statement. I fell victim to the “Parisian garment.”
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I heard a voice say (almost like a lion roaring), “God has always taken care of you, and He always will.”

First of all, and most importantly, your assignment has made me treasure Christian Science more than ever and feel the allness of God’s great Love for us, as well as Mrs. Eddy’s love and dedication in explaining it to us. Sounds basic, I know, but it means more each moment of the day. So, yes, our need is “to (continually) look Science fairly in the face.”
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“Impelled is the word that describes why I read Science and Health at this time.”

A couple of months ago, I was reading the Lesson and a citation in Science and Health interested me, so I read a little further in the book. I ended up finishing that chapter and going on to the next one. I was finding things that I really wanted and needed to know about. I finished the book, then went back and did the first part up until the place I’d started.
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RE: Seeing through “enemies”

Our son’s freshman year in college, he had a professor who took an instant dislike to him. It was mutual. Unfortunately, the professor was department chair of the subject our son felt impelled to keep learning, though it wasn’t his easiest subject. In praying together, it became clear not to take the antagonism personally, but to see it as conflict between spirit and material thinking.
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Gratitude for two quick healings

This past week I experienced two Christian Science healings. On Wednesday I gave a testimony about a healing of a sore—at one point, very painful—hand. The hand was healed in a matter of a day or so, which allowed me to be at work in a job that often involves significant lifting. The healing came about after a morning of simply turning to the “Scientific Statement of Being” and a few of Mrs. Eddy’s hymns. This was the start of the healing, which continued on very quickly.

At the end of my workweek, I had another healing, this one of a sense of discouragement about a work situation and a sense of apathy and inertia that had seemed to take hold in thought. I called a practitioner on this one and had immediate help. Later in the day the mental symptoms seemed to resurface. But trusting the work of the practitioner and my own work, I literally got up from the couch and moved forward with the necessary activities of the evening. The next day I reported to the practitioner that I was so grateful that I had had a productive day despite the earlier mental inertia. 

“What she wanted was healing. And that is exactly what she got.”

Thank you for posting the recent fruitage from our 2013 Association assignment. It has prompted me to write too, rather than wait for a slew of healings.

I have been very inspired by the depth of insight and obvious love for the reader expressed by Mary Baker Eddy in “The Great Revelation” in Retrospection and Introspection. Shortly after studying it for the first time, I got a call from the First Reader of my branch church. She said she had been struggling with a very painful toothache for a couple of weeks, and finally felt led to ask a practitioner for help.

I shared what I had been learning from our assignment, and gave her a treatment. She promised to get in touch during the week, before we met again at the service on Sunday. I did not hear from her at all. On Sunday, when I asked why she had not been in touch during the week, she mentioned that she had wanted to tell me in person that she had been completely healed.

She gave the testimony at our Wednesday evening meeting. During her testimony, she said that she had not called the practitioner during the week because she did not want mere relief. What she wanted was healing. And that is exactly what she got.

I am glad, and grateful, that I began studying the assignment as soon as it arrived. Thank you for the assignment, and thank you to the dear members who were alert and wrote in right away.

Uncovering a limited view of Science and Health--and the powerful result of this work

It’s been over a month since the Association meeting, and I don’t think a day’s gone by when I haven’t felt grateful for it.

One of the most valuable things about the day for me actually surprised and sobered me a great deal. Your statements about the textbook, in section one, helped uncover a limited sense of Science and Health that I’d been harboring…

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Common sense reasoned that attending would be an impossibility”

During the Association address this year, I got a clearer insight on the nature of animal magnetism, and why Mrs. Eddy instructs that we handle it daily. Of course this was pointed out during Class, but realising the need to deal with the fact that human existence is a mental experience, which falsely believes that there is mind in matter, is very helpful. I would like to share an experience I had, and how prayer in Christian Science resulted in my attending Association meeting last Saturday.
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